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The European open internet is under imminent threat

URGENT - VOTING IN EU PARLIAMENT 5th of MAY 2009 Don't let the EU parliament lock up the Internet! It will be no way back! Act now! Internet access is not conditional http://blackouteurope.eu/ Everyone who owns a website has an interest in defending the free use of Internet... so has everyone who uses Google or Skype... everyone who expresses their opinions freely, does research of any kind, whether for personal health problems or academic study ... everyone who shops online...who dates online...socialises online... listens to music...watches video... The internet as we know it is at risk because of proposed new EU rules going through end of April. Under the proposed new rules, broadband providers will be legally able to limit the number of websites you can look at, and to tell you whether or not you are allowed to use particular services. It will be dressed up as ‘new consumer options' which people can choose from. People will be offered TV-like packages - with a limited number of options for you to access. It means that the Internet will be packaged up and your ability to access and to put up content could be severely restricted. It will create boxes of Internet accessibility, which don't fit with the way we use it today. This is because internet is now permitting exchanges between persons which cannot be controlled or "facilitated" by any middlemen (the state or a corporation) and this possibility improves the citizen's life but force the industry to lose power and control. that's why they are pushing governments to act those changes. The excuse is to control the flow of music, films and entertainment content against the alleged piracy by downloading for free, using P2P file-sharing. However, the real victims of this plan will be all Internet users and the democratic and independent access to information, culture goods. Think about how you use the Internet! What would it mean to you if free access to the Internet was taken away? These days, the Internet is about life and freedom. It's about shopping, booking theatre tickets ... holidays, learning, job-seeking, banking, and trade. It's also about the fun things - dating, chatting, invitations, music, entertainment, joking and even a Second Life. It is a tool to express ourselves, to collaborate, innovate, share, stimulate new business ideas, reach new markets - thrive without middlemen.. Just think - what's your web address? Unless people have that address in their "package" of regular websites - they won't be able to find you. That means they can't buy, or book, or register, or even view you online. Your business won't be able to find niche suppliers of goods - and compare prices. If you get any money at all from advertising on your site, it will diminish. Yes, Amazon and a select few will be OK, they will be the included in the package. But your advertising on Google or any other website, will be increasingly worthless. Skype could be blocked. (As it is in Germany in the use from iPhone, already). Small businesses could literally disappear, especially specialist, niche or artisan businesses. If we don't do something now - we could lose free and open use of the internet. Our freedom (of choice in information, market, culture, pleasure) will be curtailed. The EU proposals hold an enormous risk for our future. They are about to become Law - and will be virtually impossible to reverse. People (even the members of the European Parliament who are voting on it) don't really seem to understand the full implications and the legal changes are wrapped up in something called "Telecoms Package" which lulls people into thinking it is just about industry. However, in reality, hiding from public view, the amendments are about the way the Internet will operate in future! Text that expresses your rights to access and distribute content, services and applications, is being crossed out. And the text that is being brought in, says that broadband providers must inform you of any limitations, or restrictions to your broadband service. Alternative versions use the word ‘conditions' - and it is seriously being proposed that you will be told the conditions of use of Internet services. This is made to sound good - it is dressed up as ‘transparency' - except that of course it means that the broadband providerwill have the legal right restrict your access or impose conditions,otherwise why would they need tell you? If the Telecoms Package amendmentsare voted in, the changes will not be reversible. We all have a stake in the Internet! You need to act now to save it! What can you do about it? Tell the European Parliament to vote against conditional access to the Internet! Remind them that they need your vote in June and that internet still give us the tools to be watching and judging what they are doing! (link a la quadrature du net) You must know you are not alone: hundreds of organizations are working on that and thousands of people have already contact their parliamentarians about this issue. So, act now: 1 - Email, write to or phone your MEP - follow this link to get theirdetails - a suggested template letter is attached. You can also use the following software that send the letter directly to all the parliamentarians. Believe, they will really receive it and they will really feel the pressure. You are welcome to personalize the letter and include information that will make MEPs wake up, take note and take appropriate action. 2 - Forward this email to everyone you know so that they can take action. 3 - Syndicate this page so that you keep been informed: disinformation is what they count on, we must be aware. Text for people to cut and paste to MEP: The coalition version needs to have instructions for people from each country. coalition members need to get a translated version online in their own languages and link to the LQ site for their own MEPs.

Хиляди снимки от целия свят..

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MySite-BG TV

Портала mysite-bg.com се подържа от други хора. Badgad.NET няма общо с него.Получавам информация единственно по пощата от администратора на сайта.Пощата му е: aalesund[@]abv[точка]bg и е публично достъпна в ситемата who is . Съветвам ви да се обърните към него.Съжелявам, че не мога да помогна с повече информация.

От създателите на mysite-bg.com идва един видео канал за гледане на нови филми през мреажата:
А сега една малко наболяла тема - Филмите. Проблема е почти решен. Всички нови филми добавени от Януари 2009 г. насам вървят без проблем. По-старите все още не вървят, но съвсем скоро очаквайте и тях да ги оправим. Филмите, както ви казах вървят 100% дали вие ще ги гледате без проблеми вече зависи от вашия интернет доставчик и вашата МЕЖДУНАРОДНА интернет скорост. Поради простата причина, че всички нови, а скоро и по-старите се намират извън България. Ако сваляте от чуждестранни сайтове със скорост около 300 КБ/сек. или по-висока, не би трябвало да имате проблеми и с гледането на новите филми. Ако е под тази /защото все още някои доставчици предлагат бърз БГ Пиъринг, но много слаб международен такъв/ просто се обърнете към тях и попитайте защо вашата скорост е слаба. Моля имайте търпение и не убиждайте труда на мен и колегите ми като пишете всякакви простотии под филмите. Повечето от админите са толерантни и не трият вашите постове, но ако има много нецензурни прояви просто от сега на татък ще получавате предупреждение и при нова проява следва БАН. Ако някой филм не тръгва първо вижте датата на добавяне и ако е от 2008 добавен значи все още е прехвърлен на новото място. Ако филма е добавен през 2009 не би трябвало да има проблем, имам потвърждение, че от Великобритания /Лондон/ и Италия /Венеция/ филмите се гледат перфектно, както и от България, стига да сте с добър интернет доставчик. (още…)
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